HR Vendor Of The Year Awards 2017
Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider

On the 23rd November 2017, HumanResources hosted the 3rd HR Vendor Of The Year Gala Dinner. ODE Consulting® had the pleasure of being the bronze winner in the Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider Category.

Since 1996, ODE Consulting® has been developing and leveraging cutting-edge technology in our Learning, Coaching, and Consulting practices. In 2016, we launch, our very own self-directed, mobile-enabled learning storefront providing multiple learning pathways. supports collaborative learning and engagements through online profilers and a 360 profiling engine, online simulations, virtual coaching, and virtual bite-sized classes.

With profiling tools that leverage the 360 profiling engine, is able to obtain insights on learning needs and obtain insights on the gaps. The 360 engine, will not only be able to identify users behavioral characteristics but also get feedback from the people the users are working with.

The coaching sessions complement the learning by offering systematic feedback and pointing out the areas of improvement. It aims to provide actionable guidance, and users would be able to apply this directly to their specific fields.

Simulations create learning around serious business concepts and issues. Learners are immersed in "real-life" situations which offer an experiential learning experience. Simulations take place in a risk-free environment which supports engagements in an authentic contextualized fashion that allows learners to experience the benefit and consequences of their decisions. is designed for individuals committed to learning and upgrading their skills. Its mobile-enabled capabilities allow users to learn anything, anywhere, anytime, on any devices, with any experts.

We would like to thank HumanResources and our clients for nominating ODE Consulting® in this category. We would also like to thank the judges, who have awarded us the Bronze award.

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