We are ODE, Organization Development Excellence

What is Organization Development?

Organization Development is the theory & practice of planned, systematic change in the attitudes, beliefs, and values of the employees.

We understand the nature of an organization as a social environment which inherits many complex issues due to the various interpersonal behaviours. This coupled with the VUCA external environment further increases the difficulty for Organization Development Excellence.

In every engagement, we deliver the best customer experience to ensure the following outcome:

  • Deepen Organization purpose & align individuals
  • Encourage problem-solving rather than problem avoiding
  • Focus on culture embedding activities
  • Strengthen interpersonal trust, communication, cooperation and support Develop satisfying work experiences that build enthusiasm
  • Build personal knowledge and skills
  • Increase personal responsibility for planning and execution
  • Encourage personal willingness to change

Our Milestones

On the 8th April 2016, we celebrated ODE's 20th Anniversary. Today we reflect upon the past, ponder upon the future and set pivotal foundations to future-proof ourselves. Re-learn, Re-think, Re-calibrate was our theme for the celebration. With the only constant being change, this is what is necessary for us to continue to stay relevant in the future and beyond.


From SMG Training System(s) we rebranded to ODE Consulting Pte Ltd. This rebranding marks our evolutionary journey, as we have progressively grown our services and solutions to develop and transform both individuals and organizations. ODE stands for Organization Development Excellence.

With the evident globalization of today's workforce and expansion of organizations across national and international borders, more and more people from different cultures are working together. In 2014 we began our work in the Cross Culture Area by partnering with ITAP International to help organizations with cross-cultural challenges.


In 2013, ODE Consulting established ODE India (previously known as SMG India).

Launch Outcomes Measurement Portal (OMP™). This tool allow our clients to measure the Return On Investment on their training and development initiatives. We also began our alliance with the International Management Consulting Board (IMCB™).

In 2009 we began our Strategic Partnership with Wiley Publishing. We incorporate Wiley Profilers such as The Leadership Challenge, Career Anchors and other Wiley Profilers in our programmes.

In 2008, we became an International Association of Coaching (IAC) Coaching Masteries™ Licensed School. This allows us to help build coaching cultures within organizations which want to develop and grow their people. This also allows us to train and certify aspiring coaches.

This is also the year we became an Approved Training Organization, approved by the SkillsFuture Singapore (previously known as Workforce Development Agency, WDA). As an ATO we offer government-funded programmes which undergo a strict approval process.

2006 marks the 10th Anniversary of ODE Consulting  (previously known as SMG Training Systems). This is a significant milestone as we celebrate our journey in providing quality learning solutions to our clients.

Building upon SMG’s successes with multi-national companies, large local organisations and public sector clients in Singapore and in the region, ODE expanded  our operations in China and has been operating a highly successful learning, coaching and consulting practice in Shanghai and Beijing since 2003.

Jin Lee won the Association of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Woman Entrepreneur, 2001. As one of the nine women who distinguished themselves by their outstanding and extraordinary entrepreneurial excellence, Jin Lee was recognised for her trailblazing and trendsetting example.

“There is nothing more important than PASSION and the capacity to learn in order to be able to succeed in these difficult times. Staying relevant, avoiding obsolescence and anticipating the future is what it takes to future proof oneself. Consistently relearning, rethinking and recalibrating is the order of the day.”

Our Founder, and Managing Director, Ms Teo Jin Lee has always thought that the greatest thing that anyone can do is to open up the mind of others and that the greatest impact anyone can make is to help improve one's learning capacity.

After 14 years spent in IBM, Jin Lee was taught many life lessons but by far the most significant was one that her Managing Director shared; "Nobody owes you a living..." In 1996, Jin Lee started SMG Training Systems.

SMG was later rebranded to ODE Consulting as we provide a greater spectrum of services and solutions to our clients and partners.