Our Three Practices

Learning practice is the foundation and starting point for any skills development. We understand that before someone can retain and apply complex, experienced-based knowledge, he would require frameworks  to which the current input can connect. If not, the content and information remains meaningless.

At ODE, we craft frameworks at the Strategic, Operational, and Individual levels. Our proprietary frameworks are tailored to be application-based, enabling anyone to use them immediately.

"Over our 20 years of experience, we realize that knowledge that is not practiced gets lost. "

We use computer-based simulations that mimic real-life business scenarios which allows participants to practice the frameworks. They are able to gain immediate access to the practices based on these frameworks along with instantaneous feedback on their performance, thereby enhancing their learning experience.

Our Coaching practice allows organizations to develop key individuals in an organization to achieve their highest potential. When the protagonist of any organization is performing at their peak, it allows the organization to drive the transformations and results that they seek.

Coaching involves a dialogue between a coach and a client with the aim of helping the client co-create value based goals, consequently supporting the client to achieve these goals. At ODE, we would align the goals with that of the organization through our various 1-on-1 or group coaching workshops.

ODE also advocates coaching culture within an organization. We equip leaders with the skills to facilitate empowering conversations with employees to drive performance.

Our strong desire to create an impact and drive change in organizations forms the foundation of our Consulting practice. Whether it is at the strategic, operational or individual levels, at ODE we are always interested in understanding the problems you are facing or the change you are seeking.

We work with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and aiding them in developing relevant skills and knowledge. This allows us to better tailor our solutions to achieve the results that the organization requires.



Why the word, Practices?

Practice is the actual application of an idea as opposed to theories relating to it.

At ODE, we are more interested in application than theory. We take great care in making sure the engagements with us results in real transformation.

ODE Development Value Chain™

Many organizations have embraced the 70/20/10 model originated by Morgan McCall, Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger of the Center for Creative Leadership.

The 70/20/10 model provides a framework for our Development Value Chain™. It is a holistic and integrated approach aimed at driving the effective transfer of learning and behavioural change to enable performance.

The beauty in any of our engagements lies in how we select the various approaches and customise the solution to achieve the intended results. Browse through the different parts of our holistic approach to view all our solutions.

The 10% consists of learning via courses, training as well as readings. This usually forms the base as well as the starting point for any skills development. At ODE, we combine tested frameworks and technology in our learning engagements to ensure as much knowledge is transferred and retained.

Our 10% approach consist the followings:

  • Talent & Skills Development
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Culture Creation
  • Change Management
  • Global Certification

The 20% refers to social learning, including informal coaching and mentoring as well as building and exploiting strong and effective social networks. At ODE, this valuable learning approach is used, complementing various other activities. Through Feedback, Coaching, and Mentoring, the learning process is reinforced, allowing change or new skills to be retained and applied.

Our 20% can be conducted in the following formats:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Feedback Coaching
  • Post Learning Coaching

The 70% refers to learning within the workflow – workplace learning and performance support. ODE believes that hands-on experience is the most beneficial as it enables discovery and refinery of job-related skills, decision making, addressing challenges and interacting with influential people within the work setting. At the same time, it helps participants learn from their mistakes and receive feedback on the spot.

This is a key piece in any effective learning. Our endeavours in the latest learning pedagogies and technology are testament to our commitment to the 70%. The following are our tools to provide On-the-Job learning.

  • 360º Assessments
  • Pulse Checks
  • Engagements Solutions
  • Observer Feedback
  • Intact Team Development
  • Guided Action Learning
  • Mentoring and Internal Coach Development

70 • 20 • 10

Where, Learning + Coaching + Consulting = Results

Are you keen to know how?

Our Tools


Workplace simulation provides participants the opportunity to apply new skills in a “realistic” learning environment.

In teams, participants experience a workplace simulation round in which they make decisions modeled upon “real life” business situations. To reinforce skills and competencies, the workplace simulation provides on-going feedback on decisions made, plus qualitative and quantitative feedback following the workplace simulation. The learning is reinforced through the debrief process following the workplace simulation experience.

  • Essentials of Business Leadership™ (EBL)
  • Leading Change™
  • Coaching for Growth™ (CFG)
  • Leading Teams to Success™ (LTS)
  • Developing & Using Influence™ (DUI)
  • Making Conflict Work™ (MCW)
  • Managing Performance
  • Services Live
  • Product Express
  • Leading Strategy into Action (LSIA)
  • The Complete Project Management® (TCPM)
  • Project Leadership™(PL)
  • Business Skills for Project Managers™ (BSPM)
  • Winning Major Sales! (WMS)
  • Consultative Selling Simulation (CSS)
  • Negotiate2Win™ (N2WIN)


Profilers are essentially feedback tools which allow you to know yourself better. By using these tools you would be able to identify your behavioral characteristics and also that of the people you are working with. It helps pull together different concepts to a level of direct application.

The profilers are crafted in-house, as well as acquired from credible partners. We have an extensive range of profilers meant to complement our solutions.

  • 360° Conflict Instrument
  • 360° Influence Grid
  • 360° Leadership Profiler
  • Change Responsive Questionnaire
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)
  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) 360
  • Managing For Employees Engagement (180-Assessment)
  • The Great Workplace: Building Trust and Inspiring Performance
  • Assertiveness Questionnaire
  • Team Questionnaire
  • Communication Style Profiler
  • Leadership Practices Inventory Self
  • The Great Workplace: Building Trust and Inspiring Performance
  • TWIST InterCultural Test (TICT)
  • Coaching Effectiveness Questionnaire
  • Critical Thinking Questionnaire
  • Listening Questionnaire
  • Prospecting Questionnaire


learn1thing.com is the E-commerce store dedicated to give a wholesome & engaging learning experience. The various learning tools, provide an ideal opportunity for those who seek to future-proof themselves.

Designed for the individuals committed to learning and upgrading their skills, learn1thing allows you to learn anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device, with any expert. Our suite of products includes:

  • Online Profilers
  • Simulations
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Virtual Class
  • Learning Package - A combination of the basic learning tools that brings you a comprehensive learning experience.

Outcomes Measurement Portal - OMP™

The key factor in measuring the outcomes from learning and coaching is the behavioral change that learning and coaching are able to bring about. Very often there are no specific or tangible goals to achieve in a learning and coaching engagement. Therefore organizations could not see the impact that these engagements bring to the business.

ODE Outcomes Measurement Portal (OMP)™ aims to provide an avenue to measure the outcomes of learning based on SMART Goals. These goals would be established upfront by the learner or coachee prior to a learning or coaching engagement.

We would firstly identify specific behaviors that the learner or coachee would like to work on. Once the SMART Goals aligned to business needs are defined as the learning and coaching intervention, the portal will facilitate the tracking, collection, and consolidation of relevant information related to the learning and coaching engagement.

We would ensure that the outcomes of learning and coaching can be identified and reported. The relevant reports then can be made available to key stakeholders within the organization for tracking learning and coaching outcomes.