• Price: SGD $1,800 (Before Funding & GST)
  • Duration:
    • Session 1: 3 Day Workshop
    • Session 2: 60 Min. Coaching Practicum 1
    • Session 3: 60 Min. Coaching Practicum 2
    • Session 4: 0.5 Day Review Workshop
    • Session 5: External IAC Online Exam (optional, fees directly payable to IAC are not included in the Program Price) 
  • Next Run:
    • 20th-22nd March 2019
    • 24th-26th April 2019
    • 27th-29th May 2019
    • 17th-19th June 2019
  • e2i funding available. Terms & Conditions apply. 

The IAC® Coaching Masteries™ are the focal point of this Coach Accreditation Program. On completion of the program, you will be able to confidently apply the 5-to-GROWTM powerful coaching conversation skills and outcomes-based coaching model in both life and work-related situations.

This program will also prepare you for the IAC® Part 1 Online Exam and the IAC® Learning Agreement, leading to IAC® Masteries Practitioner designation.

At the Academy for Mastery, we believe in building experience, through experience by leveraging our 70-20-10 Development Value Chain™. You will have ample opportunity to practice coaching conversation skills and model through role-plays, case studies and coaching triads. In addition, you will receive extensive feedback from our Certified Coaches.

Feel confident about handling life or work-related coaching situations – be it in your own Coaching practice, as an internal Coach or in your role as a Leader.

The International Association of Coaching (IAC®) is an independent, global coach certification body.

The Masteries used were developed by an international team of coaches, to produce  professional standards and measures for what constitutes as the highest level of coaching, and that can be understood in any culture around the world.

The purpose of this certification is to provide our coaches with a rigorous programme and methodology so that they have the ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skill to professional coaching standards.

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  • Unique contextualization of program to the client’s industry or work scenario
  • Customization of program, if necessary
  • Volume Discount
  • Choice of training venue
  • Choice of facilitator (Subject to availability)

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