Driving A Service Culture

Challenge: The bank received complaints from customers on the nature of their services. The client sought to enhance their Service Culture by redefining their Service Charter and Service Core Values to cascade across the organization.


Since 2004, ODE has been partnering with a prominent bank to elevate its service culture. Customer complaints prompted the bank to embark on a journey to redefine its Service Charter and Service Core Values, aiming to cascade these principles across the entire organisation. This case study explores the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented, and the remarkable impact achieved through ODE’s collaboration.

The Challenge

Customer feedback had highlighted shortcomings in the bank’s service quality, prompting a strategic initiative to enhance the Service Culture. The challenge lay in effectively cascading and internalising the newly defined Service Charter and Values throughout the organisation.

The Solution

ODE, in collaboration with the bank, designed an interactive approach to address this challenge. The focus was on conducting workshops tailored for senior management, frontline supervisors, and team leaders. ODE’s customised, simulated, and experiential approach allowed participants to gain a thorough understanding of the Service Charter and Values.


The impact of ODE’s engagement was substantial, evident in the outcomes achieved by the bank:

  • Buy-in and Commitment: Participants reported improved receptiveness to ideas, fostering a more collaborative and proactive environment. The Service Charter and Values were embraced as a two-way street, enhancing openness and reducing defensiveness.
  • Cross-Selling Enhancement: The organisation experienced an improvement in cross-selling activities across various levels and functions. Participants reported an ease of articulating the organisation’s value proposition and a better understanding of customer needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Through coaching, the service team demonstrated continuous improvement. Participants mentioned enhanced planning and focus in customer meetings, leading to better identification of customer needs and business opportunities.
  • Sales Improvement: The frontline service team reported a significant boost in sales, ranging from 20% to 80%. This improvement was attributed to the application of the newly internalised service values in customer engagements.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The bank observed a notable increase in customer satisfaction, with a reduction in complaints. The ability to explain services more effectively and build stronger customer relationships contributed to this positive change.
  • Managerial Impact: Managers, equipped with coaching techniques from ODE’s workshops, reported improvements in teamwork and staff engagement. They found the acquired skills helpful in handling challenging situations with patience and tact.


This case study exemplifies the transformative power of ODE’s approach in driving a service culture within the banking sector. Through targeted workshops and a focus on internalisation, the bank achieved remarkable outcomes, ranging from improved employee collaboration to significant enhancements in sales and customer satisfaction.

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