SFC-Eligible Courses

Blended programmes built on tried and tested holistic methodologies to facilitate purposeful development within a highly interactive environment.

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Driving Sustainable Change
(DSC-SFw) (Course Ref No. TGS-2019504363)

Change is constant. Individuals, leaders, teams and organisations today are confronted with the need to drive change, be agile and adaptable.

Responding to an increasingly complex world, leaders need to have the skills to cope with the dynamic environment, be competent in preparing, communicating, implementing and supporting change that reinforces intended outcomes and benefits.

This course will equip leaders with the necessary capabilities in change strategies to enhance employee engagement, encourage creativity, adaptability and continuous improvement that will drive sustainable change.

Leading For Results
(LFR-SFw) (Course Ref No. TGS-2019504364)

The transition from an individual contributor to a manager is never easy. Organizations are discovering that new managers, when provided with the right competencies and skills, can create high performance groups that achieve business results.

Today’s managers need more than good ideas about management behaviour, they need strategies, processes and tools to help maximise their team’s performance.

This blended course, developed for new managers, will acquaint participants with the necessary skills and knowledge that help them support the achievement of their results, identify and address training needs, motivate and develop people, effectively manage and resolve conflicts and build positive team relationships.

Planning Strategic Vision
(PSV-SFw)(Course Ref No.TGS-2019504481) 

This course targeted at senior management, will equip them with a structured framework that supports the formulation of a strategic plan for their organisations and help drive alignment of their strategy.

It focuses on these 3 critical questions on “Where are we now?”, “Where are we going?”, “How do we get there?”

The blended Planning Strategic Vision course will acquaint participants with the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to help them develop critical success factors that will align goals to vision and mission, and the execution and roll out of these plans to achieve their goals and targets.

The Strategic Communicator
(TSC-SFw) (Course Ref No. HAS-BIN-5077-1.1)

Learn the art of presentations with finesse. Today’s executives and leaders constantly need to deliver presentations and communicate with confidence.

This blended asynchronous E-learning course equips learners to deliver compelling presentations. Tailored for senior management and other stakeholders, the key focus is identifying critical presentation components, selecting appropriate content and modes based on the type of audience, and employing techniques to actively engage executives.

Learners will master impactful, influential presentation skills aligned with organizational objectives.

Programme Dates

Leading for Results (LFR-SFw) 

(Course Ref No. TGS-2019504364)

3x Days

17 to 19 Jan (FULL) or

24 to 26 Apr*, or 3 to 5 Jul, or 11 to 13 Sept

Planning Strategic Vision (PSV-SFw)

(Course Ref No.TGS-2019504481)

1x Day + 2x Half Days

30 Apr, 10 May (am),17 May (am)*


7 Jun, 14 Jun(am), 21 Jun (am) 

16 Aug, 23 Aug(am), 30 Aug (am)

Driving Sustainable Change (DSC-SFw

(Course Ref No. TGS-2019504363)

2.5x Days

Part 1 (25 & 26 Mar) & Part 2 (1 Apr am) – FULL

Part 1 (18 & 19 Apr & Part 2 (9 May am)*


Part 1 (13 & 14 May) & Part 2 (28 May am)*


Part 1 (8 & 9 Jul) & Part 2 (25 Jul am) 


Part 1 (3 & 4 Oct) & Part 2 (18 Oct am)

*Programs cancelled

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