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Learn how Sherry, our high potential executive leveraged Avobot to transform herself.
Through this private, safe and anonymous platform, she has been helped by the Coach in session.

Discover how you can build resilience and overcome your challenges. 

This is Sherry…

Sherry is juggling multiple roles, on top of being a high potential executive, she is also a mother and community leader. The rapid pace of technological change has her anxiety levels rising. There’s so much new to learn and master – just to keep her skills relevant and her career future-proofed. Sherry feels like she’s drowning.

She’s struggling to find balance. Her personal well-being is taking a backseat as she tries to stay on top of it all – the latest apps, programs, best practices. 

She knows burnout is looming if she can’t get a grip.

Sherry desperately needs to breathe.

How can Sherry manage and find her footing? Stay on this space to find out.
Holding Back?
Sherry feels overwhelmed. She knows she needs help to navigate these turbulent waters, but she finds herself unable to raise her hand. The fear of being seen as incompetent or unable to keep up paralyzes her. Sherry worries that if she voices her troubles to colleagues, it could negatively impact her standing at work.

She looks around her office, seeing her coworkers seemingly handling everything with poise. Sherry can’t shake the feeling that she’s the only one struggling, the lone person flailing. She desperately wants to reach out for a lifeline, but her self-doubt and fear of judgment hold her back.

How can Sherry find the courage to be open about her anxieties?

What’s the best way for her to seek support? Stay on this space to find out.

Accessible Coaching
Feeling overwhelmed but trapped, a lifeline appeared. Sherry discovered an online coaching platform that facilitates anonymous coaching support through human conversations. Here, she could open up about her anxieties without fear of repercussions at work. She could be truly candid and be able to share freely. Her human coach would only know her as an anonymous participant, but could provide insights from a fresh, impartial perspective.

A glimmer of hope sparked within Sherry. Maybe, she could get the support she so desperately needed through this anonymous, safe space. She could share her feelings of struggling to manage her priorities and how she can better manage everything that she is juggling with better.

What if you also had access to this safe and confidential platform?

Stay on this space to find out.

Renewed Strength
The anonymous coaching sessions became Sherry’s lifeline. In this judgement-free zone, she could be vulnerable about her struggles without consequences. Her coach provided insights from a fresh perspective, allowing Sherry to view her work challenges through a new lens. With each session, Sherry felt layers of anxiety and self-doubt being stripped away. The platform didn’t just provide 1-on-1 coaching, but also facilitated social learning through community forums. Sherry discovered she wasn’t alone in her feelings.

Sherry was able to overcome her challenges with a new mindset and skills for prioritising and balancing her workload. The holistic development through the safe, anonymous coaching platform has given her a new found confidence to take on the changes at work.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our Revolutionary Coaching Platform!
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The results speak for themselves. For our recent employee survey, we had a 75%  response rate, up from 43% in the previous year. We are also pleased to see a significant improvement on overall scores, particularly in the areas of engagement and advocacy.

Group Chief Information Officer (GCIO)

Leading Telecommunications Group

Shared KPIs drove shared accountability and responsibilities…aligned all departments to a single shared objective…facilitated collaboration across departments to achieve common corporate goals.

Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

International Real Estate Company

During our OCS (Organizational Climate Survey), we were pleased to see an exponential improvement with scores on leadership. I am confident that this program was the catalyst to creating the butterfly effect that brought a consciousness towards positive leadership behaviors.

OD Director

Statutory Board under the Ministry of Health (Singapore Government)

It’s been a privilege working with ODE for the past few years. ODE has been helping us to enhance and strengthen the organization and leadership capabilities. I look forward to continue to work with ODE for more development and training programs, and enhancing the capacity of my people.

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Local Professional Property Manager

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