Leadership Development Journey For Staff Managers

Challenge: The client aligned their Leadership Competencies Framework to the Singapore Workforce Development Authority’s (WDA, now called SSG) Leadership and People Management (LPM) Framework and was looking for an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) to partner and deliver funded programs for their Staff Managers.


Embarking on a six-year partnership, ODE supported a client in implementing a Leadership Development Journey for Staff Managers. The goal was to instil consistency in leadership practices within the organisation. This case study explores the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented, and the impactful outcomes achieved.

The Challenge

The client recognised the need for a unified leadership approach but faced challenges such as uncoordinated staff development and a lack of a structured learning journey for their Staff Managers. Additionally, they sought alignment with the Singapore Workforce Development Authority’s (WDA, now SSG) Leadership and People Management (LPM) Framework.

The Solution

ODE collaborated with the client to design and implement a comprehensive Leadership Development Journey. The key components of this journey included:

  • Prework: Setting the direction and context for the leadership journey.
  • Workshops: Covering core leadership skills and change management.
  • Assessments: Ensuring that individuals could be certified as competent leaders.
  • Statements of Attainment (SOAs): Confirming that individuals met competency requirements.

ODE’s unique approach provided clarity of leadership expectations, developed a tailored journey for Staff Managers, and prepared leader role models for grooming and development.

ODE’s Funded Programs: Leading for Results (LFR) and Driving Sustainable Change (DSC)

The client faced challenges related to program duration, staff development coordination, and a lack of a structured learning journey. ODE’s response involved aligning the Leadership Competencies Framework with the SSG framework and offering two Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) funded programs:

  1. Leading for Results (LFR): Focused on shorter program durations to complete required competencies.
  2. Driving Sustainable Change (DSC): Emphasised experiential learning through computer-based simulations, in-class coaching and feedback, and value for money.


ODE’s funded programs brought about transformative outcomes for the client:

  • Shorter Program Duration: Staff Managers achieved the required competencies in a more efficient timeframe.
  • Coordinated Staff Development: The Leadership Development Journey provided a structured learning path for staff managers.
  • Alignment with Frameworks: The client’s Leadership Competencies Framework was aligned with the SSG framework.


This case study showcases how ODE’s Leadership Development Journey and funded programs successfully addressed the client’s challenges, driving consistency in leadership practices. The strategic alignment with industry frameworks and the integration of unique elements such as computer-based simulations contributed to the effectiveness of the leadership development initiative.

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